Registration of a European patent in the Netherlands and Belgium

In the Netherlands as well as in Belgium, a granted European patent may only take effect after registration. We can take care of all formailities, which need to be fulfilled within a period of three months after the date on which the mention of the grant of the European patent is published in the European Patent Bulletin.

In the Netherlands, in case the patent is in the English language, it is only necessary to file a Dutch translation of the claims. However, in case the patent is in the German language or the French language, the complete patent needs to be translated, wherein the description needs to be translated into English or Dutch, and the claims need to be translated into Dutch.

In Belgium, a translation of the complete patent needs to be supplied, regardless of the language of the patent.

We can provide a Dutch translation of the claims, and, if applicable, the description of the patent. In principle, the text to be used for preparing the Dutch translation is the text in which the Examining Division intends to grant the patent (R.71(3) text) (possibly supplemented by amendments made at a later date).

In order to keep the patent in force in the Netherlands and/or Belgium, renewal fees must be paid each year.
If you wish, we can enter the patent into our tax reminder system, and send you a tax reminder each year, in ample time before the due date.

Please apply for our current price list by sending us an email here.

Documents and information needed
a) Communication under Rule 71(3) EPC.
b) Decision to Grant (as soon as this is available).
c) Text of the patent (for instance the text as annexed to the Communication under Rule 71(3) EPC).
d) A power of attorney (authorization) in respect of the Belgian case. You can download our power of attorney form.